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Helmsman are purveyors of fine blended Caribbean rum seasoned with natural herbs and a dash of Kiwi flair. They have spiced up their offering with a new look and a new white rum. Notes of orange, banana and gingerbread augment the rich rum flavours, with cinnamon, clove, sultana and a touch of toffee chiming in to round out their flagship spiced rum. The white rum wears its symphony of sweet, subtle flavours with panache – try it over ice or mixed in a classic Mojito or Daiquiri. Not to be outdone, the Helmsman Spiced Rum was the only New Zealand rum to pick up Gold and Best in Class at the 2020 NZ Spirit Awards!

Visit them at: https://www.helmsmanrum.com/

Pairing Recommendations

Helmsman Spiced Rum
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