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KI NO BI Kyoto Gins are distilled as six separate elements before blending. The base of juniper, orris root and hinoki, the citrus blend of lemon and yuzu, herbal elements of sansho and kinome, gyokuru tea blend, spice blend of ginger, and the fruity and floral blend of red shiso and bamboo leaf. All of the elements are pot distilled, with the botanicals steeped in the rice spirit overnight. Once distilled, the elements are combined in Kyoto Distillery’s blending tank, then taken down to blending strength with underground Fushimi water. The water is picked up from a local sake brewery once a week, a considerable effort on the distillery’s part, but one they insist is necessary due to how "spectacular" it is. It is treated as an ingredient, not just as a tool to lower the ABV.

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