Alt. Citrus Solution

East imperial Alternative Citrus Solution Recipe


Makes 1L

  • 1L warm tap water
  • 40g Citric Acid (Available at the supermarket)
  • 15g Tartaric Acid (Available at the supermarket)
  • 10g Malic Acid (optional If you have Access)


  1. Fill a large jug with the 1000g of warm tap water
  2. Add all of the powdered acids and stir until dissolved
  3. Once dissolved. Bottle the solution and label, chill and give a best before date of 2 months

Serving suggestions

  • Use sparingly in dashes to add citrus to a G&T
  • Add 10ml to A daiquiri or margarita instead of citrus
  • Add dashes to sparkling drinks to emphasise brightness

Cocktail Recipe

20ml London Dry gin, 10ml Alt. Citrus Solution, 30ml Sparkling wine, topped with East Imperial Old World Tonic